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Gutters are a timeless complement to your home’s historic roof, but their purpose is more important than a striking accessory.

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Protecting the Beauty and Function of Your Home’s Historic Gutters

Unless you live deep in the desert, your home’s gutters provide an essential function. They direct water from rain, melting ice, and snow off your roof and away from your foundation. When maintained correctly, gutters on historic homes can last for years – especially if they’re copper. Without proper care, tree debris and harsh Maryland winters can cause clogged gutters, broken downspouts, skewed alignment, and more. That’s where Olde World Slate steps in to help. Our craftsmen are highly adept at historic repairs and replacements to ensure your gutters remain as useful as they are beautiful.

Spotting potential issues before they become substantial problems is a key step in maintaining your historic gutter system. At Olde World Slate, our inspections are always performed onsite and account for installation quality, gutter material, soundness of hangers, quality of maintenance, and much more.

Purpose-driven repairs can help extend the life of your historic home’s gutter system. From re-hanging gutters and seam repairs to gutter hanger replacements and theft-prevention solutions, we ensure your gutters remain safe and effective for years to come.

While regular inspections and prompt repairs can extend the lifespan of your gutters, sometimes replacement is necessary. Olde World Slate uses historic-approved copper, durable galvanized metal, or commercial-grade aluminum for gutter installations. We also repair and replace “built-in guttersfor historic and luxury homes. 

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Gutter FAQ

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