The Olde World Slate Maintenance Program

Regular maintenance is a key aspect of extending the life of your historic roof. To prevent expensive repairs and roof replacements, we now offer no-obligation Maintenance Programs customized to your home. 

Program Highlights Include:

  • Annual and Semi-Annual Service
  • Thorough Inspections
  • Reduced Waiting Time for Service
  • Priority Scheduling for Storm Damage and Leaks
  • Proactive, Bespoke Maintenance
  • No Fees to Join. No Obligation to Continue
  • Written Proposals
  • Annual Reminders
  • Save Money & Prevent Roof Replacements

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Preserving the Beauty, Function, and Spirit of Your Historic Roof

Our obligation-free Maintenance Program was created to give you a balance between ongoing care and affordable service. These comprehensive annual and semi-annual maintenance services are tailored exclusively to your home – not someone who owns a similar residence.

There’s absolutely no cost for joining our Maintenance Program, which includes a thorough initial inspection by one of our estimators to identify problems. We’ll check for missing or cracked slates, damaged flashings, and other common issues that can cause expensive problems in the future. Once your inspection is complete, we’ll talk at length about any repairs you need now and about how your roof can be both maintained and even improved over time.

When working with a homeowner to improve a historic slate roof, our crew strives to replace as many heavily deteriorated slates as your budget will allow… and never so few that the roof will still eventually need to be replaced. That way, your historic roofing system improves every year. In short, you eliminate the need for a total replacement. This form of proactive maintenance allows us to keep your roof in excellent shape year after year.

Maintenance Program

Olde World Slate has built its reputation on superb-quality work, which continues to generate high volumes of referral business. In satisfying the needs of current and repeat clients, lead times for new projects can be lengthy. By signing up for our Maintenance Program, you can secure your spot and rest easy knowing your historic roof is in capable hands for years to come.

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Maintenance Program FAQ

Does Olde World Slate provide a guarantee against future leaks?  

I found fragments of slate in my yard a few months after my yearly Maintenance Program inspection. What should I do?

How much can I expect repairs to cost as part of your Maintenance Program? 

I read that each Maintenance Program is customized exclusively for the homeowner. Can you explain the reasoning behind this strategy?

My friends spoke very highly of your historic roofing company and recommended signing up for your Maintenance Program. However, my slate roof is only eight years old. Am I eligible to join the program? 

Can you repair my historic roof in phases for budgeting purposes?

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