Before & After: Slate Roof Maintenance

Slate Roof Maintenance

At a glance from street level, it may not be obvious that this roof needed repairs. But when Olde World first looked at the roof, upon close inspection it was apparent that the roof had not been cared for in many years. Besides a very high quantity of broken slates, about a third of the slates were delaminating (flaking off in layers).

While the roof was not yet so bad that it needed to be replaced, we explained to the homeowner that significant repairs needed to be done if they wished to avoid a whole roof replacement in the future. Together we worked out a plan to replace all the broken slates that first year (nearly 100), and then replaced approximately 50 of the most deteriorated slates each year thereafter.

After 4 visits so far, this roof is well on its way to being a well-maintained roof, keeping the home underneath safe and dry and preserving another piece of historic architecture.