Slate & Clay Tile Roofs

Slate is known for its durability and elegance but needs regular maintenance and repairs to endure for a lifetime. Clay tiles are strong and beautiful but are reliant on both a sound underlayment and unbroken tiles to prevent leaks. To be at its best for decades, your historic roof deserves the extensive experience & knowledge of the craftsmen found only at Olde World Slate.

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An Expert Touch for a Unique Investment

Slate & tile roofing are found on homes of distinction and are a trusted choice for homeowners due to their sought-after mix of practicality and style. Available in a range of colors and sizes, these time-tested roofing materials are almost impervious to water, eco-friendly, and often referred to as the “lifetime roof.”

When compared to newer man-made roofing materials, the lifetime cost of slate & tile makes them a fairly-priced roofing option, lasting for several generations. More akin to art than asphalt, these roofs are beautiful assets that bring character to historic homes and value to the homeowner.

While slate & tile roofs are superior to others in terms of lifespan and allure, they are not without the need for maintenance. Olde World Slate is known as a historic roofing expert in our region. With over 15 years in business, our long-time craftsmen specialize in custom roof repairs, replacements, and ongoing maintenance. We are experienced with every clay tile, natural slate, or synthetic slate roofing need you might have.

Spotting potential issues before they become substantial problems is a key step in maintaining your roof. At Olde World Slate, our inspections are always performed onsite and account for installation quality, type of slate, quality of maintenance, and much more. 

Ongoing maintenance and purpose-driven repairs help historic homeowners save thousands of dollars every year. From replacing individual broken slates or tiles, to flashing replacements, to leak rectifications and algae cleanups, we ensure the integrity of your roof for years to come

While regular inspections and prompt maintenance can extend the lifespan of a slate or tile roof, in some cases it makes more sense to replace than repair. Whether you’re replacing a single section or your entire roofing system, we provide unmatched installation quality using traditional roofing methods and lasting materials.

Maintenance Program

Olde World Slate has built its reputation on superb-quality work, which continues to generate high volumes of referral business. In satisfying the needs of current and repeat clients, lead times for new projects can be lengthy. By signing up for our Maintenance Program, you can secure your spot and rest easy knowing your historic roof is in capable hands for years to come.

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Common Roof Issues

Slate & Clay Tile Roof FAQ

A friend of mine told me that historic slate roofs are natural and are very friendly to our environment. Is that true?

Do I have to replace all the flashings when I replace my old slate roof?

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Does slate roofing come in any colors besides gray?

How often do I need a slate or tile roof inspection?

I have a slate roof on my historic home. But if I’m being honest, I really don’t know anything about the material. Can you give me a brief education on slate?

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