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As a family-owned and operated roofing company, we believe in providing clients with historic repairs and replacements that uphold old-world techniques and last for a lifetime. Unmatched quality, personalized service, and unwavering integrity are the hallmarks of Olde World Slate.

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Preserving the Past and Embracing the Future

Olde World Slate is committed to excellence and integrity in all things, with a special focus on impeccable craftsmanship and exemplary customer service. Since opening our doors in 2009, we’ve made it our business to know our craft. We know slate, tile, metal, and flat roofing inside and out. Gutter systems, too. Rather than offering many roofing services and knowing a little about each, we’ve chosen to specialize in historic roofing. In fact, we’re the only roofing company in our region that exclusively serves historic roofs. This makes us experts.

Our sales estimators care about your needs. They are not trained in high-pressure sales tactics. They are knowledgeable about the lasting materials we use and the HOAs we serve. Every estimator is educated in the many varieties of historic roofing systems we service. They are carefully chosen people whom we would have in our own homes. This makes us trustworthy.

Our artisans are masters of their craft, who have generational experience and care about every job they perform. Several are from the Amish community and have been honed to a keen edge through complex projects and high-level training. We are proud of the reputation that our crews have for being quiet, efficient, and consistent. This makes us reliable.

Our office staff is communicative, both with each other and with you. If you leave us a message, you can always rely on a prompt reply. We make sure the excellent work you were promised is delivered on time and on price. If we encounter any surprises, you are the first to know. This makes it a pleasure to work with us.

Recent Projects

Getting Rid of Algae

While algae growth doesn’t do damage to slates, it can be aesthetically unattractive especially on a front roof like this one. The homeowner wanted a cleaner appearance. We applied a gentle cleaner that works over time with rainfall, thus avoiding slate damage and leaks. Three applications over an 18 month period, and the beauty of the existing slate shines for all to see! After the roof was clean we...

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Snow Bars

On a large slate or tile roof, snow bars will hold back heavier snow than individual snow guards. On this particular green bar tile roof, the existing snow bar was bent and rusty. Incidentally, the home’s built-in gutters were leaking, so it made sense to address both problems at the same time while the lowest rows of tiles were out. Notice how heavy duty the custom hand-made black snow...

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Spanish Barrel Tiles

This historic tile roof needed many repairs throughout: some due to active leaking and some due to previous poor workmanship. We obtained matching barrel tiles from a reclaimed-roof source, which is both great for the environment AND is aesthetically pleasing for a historic home. Areas of rotten wood had to be repaired before we could replace the needed individual tiles. It is a beautiful roof, and we were pleased...

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Annual Slate Maintenance

A large majority of our clients are on our annual Maintenance Program, and here’s a great example of how the Program will improve your roof! You can probably visually identify the dark, uniform-looking newer slates, so take a look at how the older slates demonstrate deterioration with brownish colors, flaking layers, and curved white ‘smile lines’. For many roofs and many budgets, a steady replacement of these worst slates...

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New Roof, One Year at a Time

This homeowner called us for a roof assessment shortly after buying the house. Unfortunately we couldn’t give a good report- the vast majority of the Pennsylvania Gray Black slates were heavily deteriorated. We had to suggest that it wasn’t going to be cost effective to try to maintain the roof. Full roof replacement was not in the budget for this new homeowner, yet she loved slate and wanted this...

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Attractive Green Slates

This job is a good example of regular maintenance on a slate or tile roof. You likely won’t know you have cracked slates until you have an experienced professional on the roof, looking things over up-close-and-personal. While 99% of this roof was in great shape, we did find a grand total of 40 broken slates throughout, so our repairs were timely and prevented costly leaks. These types of repairs...

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DeckRite Balcony

This unique walled balcony needed to handle foot traffic from the French doors, as well as be slightly sloped to drain water correctly through the original outlet drains on the front corners. The appearance of our new DeckRite membrane in color “Sahara Tan” blends seamlessly with the exterior color of the house, and will be maintenance-free for this homeowner for years to come!

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EPDM Garage Roof

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White TPO Sun Room Roof

This sun room roof had definitely seen better days, in spite of multiple attempts over the years to patch it up. When replacement became necessary, the homeowner’s wishlist included energy efficiency in the room below as well as getting the new roof approved for the Maryland Historic Tax Credit. He received MHT approval for our quote, and we moved forward! Beginning with removal of water-damaged wood, we then installed...

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Flashing Craftsmanship

It is understandable why this homeowner put off replacement of his chimney flashings for so long, in spite of recurring leaks. With the decorative chimney shape, a pan flashing & gutter for downspout runoff, and an adjoining windowsill, this small area demanded highly-skilled craftsmanship!

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Aluminum Gutter Replacement

We don’t often see black gutters, but they were a perfect complement to this home’s accents. Here we installed half-round gutters onto roof-mounted shanks. Roof shanks require slate removal so you’ll want a professional to do the job. In addition, we only use commercial grade aluminum for our aluminum gutters, as well as galvanized steel hangers, both of which are heavier than other local gutters.

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Historic Built-In Gutter

So unique… built-in gutters required craftsmen to install and require craftsmen to replace! This style of gutter was actually framed into the roof when the house was built, rather than hung on the exterior separately. On this home, the leaking copper gutter had been painted grey. We removed the old metal and replaced a large amount of rotten wood before installing the new stainless steel gutter, which complemented the...

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