Metal Roofs

Historic-quality metal roofs can last anywhere from 50 years to over a century. Known for their beauty, longevity, and weather-resistant nature, metal roofs bring incredible value to your home and the neighborhood in which you live. Like any residential structure, however, expert installation will determine whether your historic metal roof keeps your home dry for a lifetime. 

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At Olde World Slate, we approach your metal roof project with an eye on preserving original architecture, abiding by local HOA guidelines, and meeting your personal preferences for your home.

Historically, some local fine homes were crafted with dormer roofs or porch roofs made of metal. Depending on when your historic home was built, this was likely “terne metal,” a galvanized metal coated with a liquid solution of tin & lead. Terne metal has a hugely long lifespan and lasts nearly indefinitely if coated or painted regularly. It is important to note that terne metal is no longer manufactured because of lead concerns. The acceptable substitution for most historic requirements is copper.

We offer 3 types of metal roofing. Copper stands the test of time and is demanded for most local historic applications, including the Maryland Historical Trust. Galvalume is usually less expensive than copper and is available in a huge variety of colors, but seams can’t be soldered. As such, it is not an option for every roof. Stainless steel is a 3rd option with soldered seams, and it lasts even longer than copper. However, the appearance of stainless steel is not always desirable.

Olde World Slate installs exceptional metal and copper roofs while adhering to historic standards. In particular, we have craftsmen who create our stainless & copper roofing panels by hand, the old-fashioned way. That way, we uphold your roof’s character and remedy modern concerns at the same time.

Spotting potential issues before they become substantial problems is a key step in maintaining your metal roof. It is possible for pinholes to develop in older metal and water then starts damaging the wooden framing beneath. This can go on for some time without you ever seeing a leak inside. It is also unfortunately common to find a newer metal roof with an incorrect installation, making it prone to leaking within a few years. At Olde World Slate, our inspections are always performed onsite and take into account installation quality, type of metal roofing, quality of maintenance, and much more.

Older metal roofs such as terne metal should be maintained by keeping a sound coating applied regularly. If the metal has been neglected and has a flaking or rusting surface, a professional painter should be hired to properly prep, wire-brush, and prime the surface before painting. However, if holes have worn through the metal, roof replacement should be considered. Conversely, new metal roofs of copper, stainless steel, and galvalume metal will not need any maintenance for many decades. When installed correctly, they stand the test of time without leaking and without re-coating.

When an old metal roof has worn so much as to develop pinholes, or when a newer metal roof has been installed incorrectly with flashings that leak or seams that pop open, roof replacement is inevitable. Olde World Slate will provide you with unmatched installation quality using traditional roofing methods and lasting materials.

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History of metal roofing

Metal roofing in America is principally a 19th-century phenomenon. Before then the only metals commonly used were lead and copper. For example, a lead roof covered “Rosewell,” one of the grandest mansions in 18th century Virginia. But more often, lead was used for protective flashing. Lead, as well as copper, covered roof surfaces...